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Dewitt Homes

Dewitt homes, as with most of Central New York homes, have deep roots dating back to as early as the 1800’s. There are many references to early incorporation’s and later with Civil War veterans. Today Dewitt is a bustling community with many shops, restaurants, bus lines, and wonderful homes with architectures from old to new.

The many hamlets in Dewitt make it a very easy for you to find an abundance of variations in style, architecture, and diverse neighborhoods. The Sellers of Dewitt Homes are always sad to leave and the Buyers of Dewitt Homes are always excited to get an opportunity to move into the area.

Take the time today, this week, this month, or this year to cruise through the Dewitt hamlets and view some of the most interesting and stylish neighborhoods the east has to offer when searching for Dewitt Homes.

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Dewitt, a town named after Major Moses DeWitt, is located in OnondagaCounty in New York. It covers a population of 24,071 according to the 2000 census and is situated east of the Syracuse city. This town emerged from another town in New York, namely Manlius, in 1835. The town has a total coverage of 33.9 square miles, according to the US Census Bureau.


The major highway in Dewitt is the Interstate 481 which crosses the center of the town to reach the eastern side. Specifically, I-481 intersects I-90 and I-690 in the northern and eastern part of the town respectively.

One of the most visited communities or locations in Dewitt is a hamlet named Jamesville. The features of this community were earlier published by the Jamesville Historical Book Committee. Two hamlets in the Town of Dewitt namely, Franklin Park and Collamer serve as two ends to this town in the northern part.



     Jamesville Dewitt Schools, Christian Brothers Academy,aJTTTTTTTttTttJamesville Dewitt Public Schools, Christian Brothers Academy (private), and Manlius Pebble Hill (private) are among the many highly rated schools to be found in Dewitt.     

Parks and recreation


Apart from this, there are several other tourists’ attractions in and around this town, such as the Green Lakes State Park, Rosamund Gifford Zoo, Erie Canal Museum, Lorenzo Historic Site and much more. Also, there is a State Park in Onondaga County called Clark Reservation State Park.

Dewitt not only provides space for tourist’s attractions but also paves way to other recreational facilities like ball fields, tennis court, city parks, picnic shelters and sand volleyball court. People living in Dewitt also enjoy recreation on a swimming pool which is an excellent site for fishing and hunting.

An organization which is operated by the council of park friends is the

NatureCenter. It contains various exhibits signifying the park’s geology and its natural history. Various other facilities are offered in the park such as fishing, picnic tables and pavilions, a nature trail, a playground and few interesting recreation programs.


Community organizations


  A special feature of this town is that it offers a wide range of public facilities which includes the Dewitt fire department consisting of the rescue squad, the U.S Post Office, Dewitt Community Center and finally, the Burkley Library and Resource Center. There are few Non-Profit Organizations in Dewitt which encourage new organizations and help in fostering the growth of the existing organizations. They also play a crucial role in the society by helping the needy and providing free education for a lifetime.


Another provision of the Dewitt Community that makes them feel proud is the various kinds of utilities offered and the quality of service provided. These providers always strive to enhance their service beyond the needs and expectations of an average consumer. Among the largest Wegmans in the country, the famous Wegmans grocery store in Dewitt also finds a considerable position in expansion.


Real Estate in Central New York – Syracuse, Onondaga County

The Central New York region has been one of the best in the country in terms of the Real Estate. The Real Estate Market in the Central New York region has been the picture of stability in a time when volatility has been a common feature of Real Estate Markets around the US. The recession has hit the people hard in pockets and the purchasing power has decreased, but has settled in. The demand for homes and properties went down correspondingly, but is now on the increase.

The collapse of the lending institutions had brought about a decrease in the borrowing that people could do. Many who had taken a loan or any other credit to buy a house have had to deal with foreclosures and other home related financial difficulties. Even in this devastating economic climate, the Central New York Real Estate Market, particularly Onondaga County Real Estate has been able to maintain some of the lowest number of foreclosures in the country, which is remarkable putting everything into perspective.

Syracuse New York is a major metropolitan city in the Central New York Region. It is the only large city in the County of Onondaga and the Real Estate Market in Syracuse has been successful over the past few years instead of going down. Most of the metropolitan areas in the country have become very expensive to live in. This has made it difficult, for some impossible, to buy a home. Not so in Central New York.

Syracuse has been a major contributor to the sustainability of the Central New York Real Estate Market. According to the data provided by the National Association of Homebuilders, Syracuse is ranked as one of the top metropolitan cities in terms of housing affordability. You can easily buy an affordable home for yourself in Syracuse.

Finding homes in Syracuse is easy when visiting any of Dave Pridgen’s many websites. Studying the market trends, the Syracuse Real Estate Market is expected to be a profitable one and making an investment now will not be a bad decision. The stability in the Syracuse Real Estate Market ensures that any property you buy will not diminish in value in the foreseeable future.

On the contrary, as the financial markets recover from the ongoing recession, Real Estate prices around the country, in less stable areas, are unpredictable. As mentioned above, the Syracuse Real Estate Market has some of the most affordable homes in the USA and you don’t need to give an arm and a leg to get one for yourself. This is great news for people who are looking to move to Syracuse in the near future.

The Central New York Real Estate Market is one of the best options for anyone wanting to buy a home for their family or making your Real Estate Investment portfolio grow.

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